Emotion Video

1. What did you learn? I have learned more in this project than in any other. Learning how to use Adobe Premier and how to add photos and videos, how to add music, how to do different effects to make your video have more meaning. I had a lot of technical trouble making my video,… Continue reading Emotion Video

Project 3

2: This was the hardest project yet in my opinion. When ever I would go to do something to my figure like stretch out one of the points, it would completely change, little slow movements were key. 3: The most challenging part was when I would move one point, then rotate the object and see… Continue reading Project 3

Business card

1. What did you learn? From this assignment I learned how to make a business card and how to manipulate letters with their vector lines. Figma was also new to me and learning how to play around with it was very fun. 2. What was easy? I thought it was easy to physically make the… Continue reading Business card

Greeting Card

What did you learn? Though this project I learned a lot about Photoshop, iv never used it before so this was a big learning experience. What was easy? There were some aspects I found easy about the project but over all I would say no. It took a lot of practice and patience to learn… Continue reading Greeting Card

Hello world!

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