Project 3

1: I learned a lot about Maya in this project, all the different tools and resources available to make your chess piece how ever you would like it.

2: This was the hardest project yet in my opinion. When ever I would go to do something to my figure like stretch out one of the points, it would completely change, little slow movements were key.

3: The most challenging part was when I would move one point, then rotate the object and see that from the back it looked totally different. There were so many points that I lost control of how many there were and which one was which. I also had a hard time getting rendered pictures of my piece. Maya froze for 30min so I took a screen shot. I eventually force closed it and my work was gone, so I was not able to get the three rendered photos.

4: My submission could be improved by having more/ better rendered photos of my work. Also, making my points look more neat.

5: Everything the professor did was helpful, maybe giving us more time would be the only thing I could think of.

6: Even having the most basic knowledge of Maya that I do I think will be very helpful if I ever need to use Maya again. I also think that me learning that small slow movements work the best will carry through in different aspects of DMA.

7: Having professor Dunkles sample of his chess piece remove another gave me inspiration to make one that did the same, but in a different way.