Project 1

This project was very eye-opening to how one may interact with space within a 2d plane. The ability figma grants you to simply move and stretch objects at will grants a lot of creative freedom, and compared to one particular very similar project i’m doing in a 2d design art class, one that is done on pen and paper, this interface controls like a dream and made the project incredibly pleasant to work on. There were still parts that were challenging, however. Figma likes thing to line up correctly, and it makes a bad habit of snapping objects into place automatically. This is welcomed for larger objects in the frame and lining up objects at a distance, but for more detailed processes it can make smaller movements virtually impossible without finding a workaround. Im sure I could improve my submission by making more variation between frames, as many of them have very similar general formats. Although I somewhat like the sort of visual consistency with these callback panels, it feels like it comes off as lazy and could have done with some further differentiation. The assignment itself isn’t flawed by any means, it’s a great introduction to working with Figma/Illustrator, as well as the concepts covered so far in class. If I had to make a nitpick about it I would have preferred to have more example instructions for nursery rhyme options, I some people did ones that I would have never even thought to ask would be appropriate, though this is not a pressing issue by any means. The knowledge gained from this projects means Figma will be a free and easy resource to use for future projects, and the usage of the properties of art we learned made me more familiar with recognizing and applying them in my work. If I had any specific thing that inspired me it would be my classmate Tyler, he not only did the majority of his work way ahead of the due date, but the creative designs he utilized made me realize the value of working to my fullest potential.