Project 3: Package Design

For project three our goal was to create a package design for Elmhurst. Using labs six, seven, and eight helped create a near finished product. I found an image of a coffee mug from I added a quote from Henry Schwartz that would be seen on the carton. I made some changes based on the project three critique. I replaced the apple slice with an apple since the colors did not work out. I also included cinnamon with the apple to help the buyer have a better understanding on what they are purchasing. I changed the color of the font to red so that it would match with the overall design better. I included both versions on my project below. The first image shows the first version, the last image shows the final version. One thing I learned was how a package is designed. Illustrator is a great way to accomplish this task. This project was not very challenging because some of the work was already done from previous labs. My submission could be improved by modifying the background so that it has a different design. One way our professor could improve this project is to include another demo on background design. The possibilities are endless so it would help to have another example. Other than that, the professor did a good job with providing instructions. This knowledge could possibly be applied to our next project. Everything I learned in Illustrator is also helping me with a side project I have. As you may know I play hockey and I have an opportunity to design my next set of goalie equipment. I am working with people from Bauer Hockey (who are also using Illustrator) to come up with a final design.

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