For project two, I learned that you can use code to create a resume. This creates endless possibilities in terms of style and design when creating a resume. The level of difficulty is minimal as we only had to modifying and replace some code to create a personal resume. The most challenging part of this project would be modifying the style of the overall resume. Changing the outline for an example was more challenging than just changing the color of the text. My submission could be improved by spending some more time coding. This would allow me to change the layout and make my resume unique. One way the professor could improve this project is to extend the due date so that students could be more creative with their resumes. One way I could apply my knowledge in the future would be when I create a resume for a job or when I could use code to create something like a resume.

The code below is used to modify the header of the resume.

header {
position: relative;
display: flex;
align-items: center;
padding: 1rem
background: #000080;
color: #ffffffff;

My header can be seen below.

Halloween Card

For our first project, we were given a task to create a halloween card. Throughout this project, I have learned several things since it was my first time working with Photoshop. This was something I always had an interest in but never got a chance to mess around with. I learned how to use several essential tools such as the magic eraser and lasso tool as well as other features that photoshop has to offer. Parts of this project were more challenging than others however everything turned out to be manageable. Some ways I could improve my submission would be to add some more creativity. Photoshop gives the user endless possibilities when it comes to creativity with the options/tools it has to offer. One way our professor could improve this project would be to show more features of photoshop so that the project could be taken to the next level. Photoshop is also something I could use in the future. I am a person who loves photography and photoshop will allow me to enhance my pictures. As we were developing the project, we were given several readings to read. I found the reading about fonts to be interesting. Different curves and lines can really express different tones in fonts. Different fonts were used throughout my halloween card as seen below.