Bogacki Lab 7

For lab 7, our goal was to create shapes and fill them in with colors from our color palette that I made on This lab was fairly easy because of the fact the instructions were easy to follow. One thing that was a little challenging for some reason was when I tried to fill […]

Bogacki Lab 6

For lab 6, our goal was to familiarize ourselves with image tracing. One thing I learned was how to use certain tools in Illustrator. This was something that I have never done before since I don’t use Illustrator that often. This lab was pretty easy to do since it had minimal steps. It also wasn’t […]

Bogacki Lab 5

For lab 5, we had some practice with the pen tooling Illustrator. One thing in learned was how to create curves with the pen tool. This was something I never really done before but is very useful to know. This lab involved parts that were easy and others that were more challenging. For an example, […]

Bogacki Lab 2

For lab 3, our task was to modify the pictures we took for our previous lab. This lab was more challenging than the previous lab as we dug deeper into photoshops features. My submission could be improved by modifying the contrast a little more to make the image stand out. The professor can improve this […]