Bogacki Lab 3

The goal for this lab was to get familiar with many of the features that photoshop offers. One thing I learned was that the eraser has many modes/features. It can be set to contiguous or discontiguous and can changed based on what background you have selected. One thing that was challenging was trying to work around and erase the background near the hair. This really required attention to detail to make sure that the background around the hair was gone. The professor could improve this lab by allowing us to use our own images to experiment with. My submission could be improved if I spent more time with the eraser tool to make sure that none of the hair is erased on accident. These are tools that definitely can be used in future labs/projects. The ability to be able to use the eraser and pen tool would be beneficial to any project dealing with editing photos or images. I included the final image for lab three below.

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