Project 4: Map Infographics

For project 4, our task was to create a map of any town. I picked a section of Buffalo NY for my map. There were a handful of simple features I learned throughout this project such as setting an object in the front or back of another object. I made several changes to my final project as the critique was beneficial to me. I changed the color of the side streets so that they could be set apart from the main roads. This project was fairly easy but it required a decent amount of time to complete. My submission could be improved by including more roads to the map. This would create greater detail in the map. There isn’t really a way my professor could improve this project. Screencasts were posted online which made it very easy to follow along. Most of the things I learned in this project and other projects throughout the year, I used for designing my hockey equipment. I strongly believe that I will use the skills I learned this year on future projects regarding photoshop and Illistator. Both versions of my project are included below.

Unfinished Project
Final Project 4

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