Matt Bogacki Lab 4

For lab 4, we used methods for generating dynamic background imagery in photoshop using built in tools. This lab includes subtle blurs, brushed metal, cloud effect, gradients, and shapes.We also used an image to select an area of consistent texture. There were a couple things that I have learned throughout this lab. I learned how to apply a cloudy and blur effect. This was something I have never really done before so it was interesting to see how it was done. This lab was pretty simple because of the fact that we did it in class. If anything was confusing, we were be able to ask questions in class. My submission could be improved by modifying part 2 of this lab. It would be better to find an image that has a similar color throughout so that the final piece would look like one smooth image (rather than seeing squares). The professor could improve this assignment by giving a list of other effects for us to experiment with. Overall, this lab would be very beneficial to future labs and projects since these effects could be used to take our photoshop skills to the next level. Images from lab 4 are included below:

Cloud and Gradient Layers
Subtle Blur, Shapes, and Gradient

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