Bogacki Project 2

The goal for project two was to create composite images from project one imagery. One thing I learned was how to remove a background from an image. This project was fairly easy as we basically just modified the images we had from project one. This project was not very challenging however, it did take some time to make sure the requirements were met. My submission could be improved by adding more detailed images to the final composited image. The professor could improve this project by posting due dates as well as critique dates on D2L. This knowledge can be applied to future labs and projects as it is important to know how to do things like removing a background from an image. A reading called “Photoshop Compositing Basics” helped me throughout the project. It gave me a better idea on what composite images are and even showed some examples. After our critique in class, I have made some changes to the final piece. I flipped the bison so that everything looked like it was flying/moving to the right. I also made the background lighter because the one I had before was very dark and did not fit the “heavenly” theme. I also made the text look like it was flying to the right along with hockey player Ryan O’Reilly. The final image for project two can be seen below.

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