Austin Calkins – DMA212 – Lab 5

I learned how to use the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator to make corners and curves. We made different lines and shapes using the pen tool.

Before doing the exercises, I found the pen tool challenging. While the follow-along helped me learn how the pen tool works, I still find the tool confusing and had to use at times. I believe I need more practice with it to fully understand how to draw with it.

I don’t know how else my submission could be improved. I followed along with the guides and made the shapes. I could possibly try to make these shapes on my own without the guides as practice with the pen tool.

I did enjoy the guides for using the pen tool. I believe a lot of practice is needed with the pen tool, especially with someone who has never worked in these programs before. I could use these guides to practice more, either by timing myself or doing it without the guides.

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