Austin Calkins DMA212 – Lab 4

In this lab, I learned a variety of ways to make textures from scratch and how to make a texture from an already existing photo. I have made a “Space Time” texture from a picture of space and a clouds texture from the complimentary colors of blue and orange. Overall, I like the clouds option, the gradients option and the brushed metal options. They produced pleasing textures that didn’t look too subtle or too overbearing.

The lab was not hard at all, and it was quite fun. My original idea for the texture from an image was snake scales, but that did not work well to turn into a pattern so I changed my ideas.

I think my space texture can be tweaked a bit to make it less unnatural, but I don’t think it is too bad. It was a lot worse before since there was a larger star in the corner that made it much more apparent.

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