Austin Calkins – Project 1

For my first project, I decided to focus on a hobby I have grown to love, table-top roleplaying games (TTRPGs) such as Dungeons and Dragons and Starfinder. However, the hobby didn’t start as one at first.

I started playing TTRPGs a few years ago with a group of people from the Fusion gaming club at Canisius. I did have a good time with it in the moment. However, I learned that some of the people who introduced me to the games were not the best of people. After that, I didn’t think I was going to play much anymore. The games had associated themselves with these people and a bunch of my friends and I stopped playing them.

I still wanted to play the TTRPGs, but no one else really wanted to. So I made the decision to take it into my own hands. I wanted to dissociate it from the people from before and make it fun again. I bought myself the Starter Set for Dungeons and Dragons and rallied a group of friends to play. We loved it. They thought I was a good DM, and I loved doing it.

I’m now currently writing and DMing a campaign with the same friends that I have made myself. TTRPGs have quickly become one of my favorite hobbies that I cannot wait to play with my friends every week.

I learned how to use Photoshop and InDesign to touch up, color-correct and resize photos and scans and organize them into a document. The project was not that hard, only tedious. I did enjoy doing the levels and curves on the pictures, especially for the Fulgur drawings. They look so much better and brighter than the scans of them were by themselves. I think I did the best that I could with the assignment. I did improve it from its original by changing the picture of the dicebox. I think it can be improved by making the amount of pictures smaller, but forcing the theme to be more strict. Some people’s projects might have way too far of a spread to have a “theme”. I think a smaller set of pictures with a more strict theme requirement would be. Overall, I did enjoy the project. I was happy to show off my love for TTRPGs and my characters, specifically Fulgur.

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