Austin Calkins DMA212 – Lab 3

I learned how to use some of the tools in Photoshop in order to create mask layers and hide the background of images to put onto a different background. The banana was done with the pen tool, while the rose was done with the magnetic lasso tool.

Overall, I found the lab fairly easy. I like the magnetic lasso tool the most, as it is easy to use and still offers a good amount of options to fix the image. I did not like the pen tool. I found it hard to use and not as good as the other options. The background eraser was easy, but tedious to do. It did produce good results.

I believe the banana could be improved, as well as the model. The pen tool was hard to use and I would need more practice on it to make it better. The model would just take more time to adjust the background tool so I could keep more of her hair and less of the blue background.

I don’t think the lab could be improved. It was simple and taught about the important tools to use to make layer masks.

I can use this in the future to make images for the web, especially if I want a specific object from an image and want to put it on a different background. It can also be useful for getting rid of things in the background that one would not want.

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