Austin Calkins DMA212 – Lab2

In this lab, I learned how to retouch images. I scanned two of the things that going to use for my first project, which is going to be a portfolio of images pertaining to one of my favorite things, Dungeons and Dragons and other table-top role-playing games. One of them is the D&D book and the other is my favorite character, a dragon named Fulgur. Learning to adjust the colors of the scanned images was fun to do and not too hard. It really just required a good eye for how color looks.

I believe the lab was relatively easy. Figuring out how the levels and the curves just took some practice and playing around with to understand how they worked. I used the scanner at the library again, and it was just as easy as before. For the first project however, I may omit or make the D&D book better as it couldn’t scan that well.

I think the first thing that I could do to improve my submission is to use something other than the D&D book. It didn’t scan well despite my best efforts. The dragon may also be too bright. I kept it though, since how the colors looked how they were supposed to with the character. I used my “photographer’s eye” in order to decide that his colors were correct.

I don’t think the lab can be improved. It was simple enough and taught me how to color correct the best I could. It is also good that we can use scanned images from our project, since it encourages us to do our project.

I can use this knowledge in the future to make images that are taken and scanned and make them look better than their originals. This is useful in web design so that images used on a website look professional, clean and vibrant.

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