Austin Calkins DMA212 – Lab1

In this lab, I learned how different forms of acquiring images affects the quality of the image. The images that were taken with the high-end camera were brighter, sharper and higher quality. The scanned images retained the full size of the scan even though the objects or images weren’t the full size of the scanner.

Most of the lab was easy. Taking the pictures was easy enough, but getting the high-end camera may be harder to get with the limited amount of cameras that are available. The scanner was easy to use and easy to send the scanned images to my email in the library. Creating an image from Photoshop was also simple. The only thing I could count as challenging would be getting the camera, but I had no problem with it.

I don’t think my submission can be improved much because of how simple it is. Making the dollar bill smaller may have made it more like the rest of the images.

I think the lab can be improved if the use of the high-end camera was either removed or implemented differently. Perhaps it could be fixed by renting a single camera out for the class and let everyone get a chance to take a picture with it during class time.

I can use the knowledge from this lab for future projects by making sure to use the correct and most accurate image acquirement option for the job.

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