DMA 201 – Project 4 – Video

For this project, I learned the basics of Adobe Premiere and GarageBand to make a video based around an emotion.

The project was not that hard. I enjoyed making the music for the video. Filming clips was a little more difficult because of it being around an emotion, but I’ll talk more about that later.

I could have improved this project by finding more interesting clips to make the video out of. I also believed the music could always be improved.

I believe the project could be improved as a whole by allowing a different idea for the video. I felt limited by what kind of video I could make because it had to be based on an emotion.

Based on this video alone, I don’t know if I would be interested in making more. However, I extremely enjoyed the animation making and the music-making parts of the project. I may mess around with GarageBand more in the future.

I think the article from The New Yorker was the most inspirational article about film. It is true that what really matters is the idea behind the film, not the film itself. This inspired me during this project.

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