Project 1 – DMA214

In this project, I learned how to use Gestalt to visualize nursery rhymes.

This project was slightly difficult because it took time to think and visualize how it would look to the person who was looking at it. I had to think about how the person looking at it would see it.

It was challenging using the simple shapes to describe what I was thinking, without using custom shapes it made it a lot harder to show the viewer what I was thinking about.

My submission could be improved by having better custom shapes to describe what I was thinking. The shapes I was using were very basic and I had to think of different uses for them.

I think an improvement would be having more advanced shapes to use, it would help with the execution of the project.

I will apply the knowledge I learned by using the basics of the Gestalt to help me visualize what to make and how to make it,

looking at logos on bottles, boxes, store, etc. helped inspire me on what symbols to make. I would look at the logos at try and picture how they used Gestalt to make the logo.