Project 4: Infographics

DMA212: 2D Graphics Emily Scherer I learned how to make a banner for the town banner, I didn’t know how to make the formation of it before this project and I feel like it will be beneficial in the future. I also learned how to make the road from the stroke and then getting rid… Continue reading Project 4: Infographics

Project 2: Design an app for social distancing

DMA217 Emily Scherer learned how to add more animation to the frame and app than I did in the first one. I learned how to use smart animate and how to use fewer frames with the new feature and using my design system to make it easier for me to make the design and… Continue reading Project 2: Design an app for social distancing

Project 2: Color

DMA: 214 Emily Scherer Urban city- Analogous Seascape- Complementary Arid desert- Triadic Outer Space- Split complementary I learned how to create a color scheme like split complementary and match it with a landscape like desert.  The easy thing was creating the shapes and design of the frames to match the landscapes like extraterrestrial I made… Continue reading Project 2: Color

Project 1: ToDo app

DMA: 217 Emily Scherer I learned a lot about the prototype button and how that works to bring you to different pages of your app. I also learned how to be super organized with naming my frames and it made it a lot easier to know which frame I was working on.  The easy… Continue reading Project 1: ToDo app