Project 4

I had a very enjoyable time filming and creating this project. I had the idea to incorporate nature into my movie almost immediately, because I believe that it is one of the most aesthetically pleasing things in the world, and I also made my audio to sound sort of “spacey” and “adventurous” and accommodate for my video. The emotion of my piece was “Nature’s Delight” and I really tried to show how nature and the environment we live in can have a positive effect on our well-beings. Nature and especially scenic parks and reserves, have a special way of instilling us with an immense amount of awe and pride, as we live in the same environment that can produce such beauty. I also found inspiration in my girlfriend and I took little snippets of her just because I thought her smile would go great with the theme of the movie. The look of pure delight and happiness is her face is meant to reflect the attitude we all have towards nature and its wondrous beauty.

As I stated earlier I thoroughly enjoyed this project, there were not many things I disliked about it. I enjoyed editing the clips I had in iMovie: putting them in slow motion, speeding them up, etc. I also enjoyed editing the videos so that my movie switched to a different picture as the beat changed. You’ll notice that will almost every beat change or drop, my movie changes scenery which I think is very cool. I think a tip that I could give is to always overshoot, and have more content than you know what to do with, because then you’re not worried about making things fit, you’re worried about making things look the best.


Project 3

  1. From this project, I learned how to add different types of terrain, different styles of textures, and a first person character into the Unity application, to build a “first person shooter” type of game. In respect to the terrain, I learned how to include hill/mountain type terrains, and how to smoothen or sharpen a terrain in order to achieve the desired look.
  2. The easy part of this project was adding the main terrain and changing the color and angle of the directional light. This was neat because as you adjusted each of the aspects, you saw how it directly changed in the game setting.
  3. A challenging part of this project was creating the maze around the already existing mountains, trees, grass, etc. This was challenging because there was no “sidewalk” or “concrete” texture in the Standard Assets folder we downloaded, so it was hard to make a realistic maze for the user.
  4. I think my submission could’ve been improved by adding a plateau type terrain somewhere in my project, however, this was extremely difficult and would usually result in a mountain-type look instead of a true plateau.
  5. I think the assignment could be improved for the next class if you posted step by step instructions on how to create certain landscapes, such as a waterfall, plateau, mountain, garden, etc.
  6. I could apply this knowledge in future work scenarios if I ever needed to design a layout of a new office space or an inhabited area that could be potential for expansion of a company or companies. This design could help them visualize the place where the company office may be located and give the developers a lay of the land.
  7. Tyler’s “extra” videos inspired me to go above and beyond the requirements and to find some more textures to give the game a more realistic touch. From this I added a mountain texture and a snow texture to put on top of the mountains.

Project 2

  1. From this project, i learned how to interact and change code using there Brackets application. I also learned how to export an image in Adobe illustrator and use it my resume website by manipulating the code.
  2. I think manipulating the code was pretty easy because all you had to do was delete the existing text and replace it with your own.
  3. The only difficulty I had was exporting the resume file and the style file without messing up my work.
  4. I think if I played around a bit more with the different styles and formats my submission would at least look a little better.
  5. I think this assignment was fairly straightforward, but maybe some clarification on how to export this work without it being replaced by the original sample resume you gave us in the folder.
  6. If I further learn how to format completely in the brackets app, i think this could help me in developing a website for a company i work for, or even for a resume, as we did.
  7. I wasn’t necessarily inspired by a reading or video, but i was inspired during the critique day by seeing everyone else’s websites and the different fonts/colors they used to make theirs look unique.

Project 1

From this project I learned how to use the type tool and have the type be wrapped around an image, so instead of the text going straight across from left to write, the text would be wrapped around an image, and in my case, a heart!

The easy part of this project was finding images to use for my project and manipulating them to fit in my artboards. i enjoyed using the quick selection tool as it made my job fairly easy.

It was challenging figuring out how to print out this card and have it formatted correctly so everything lined up. Adobe Acrobat was not working for me so i had to find out another way to print the project.

I think my submission could be improved by using more backgrounds to make the inside of the card more appealing, there is a lot of white space on the inside of the card, and i think using more backgrounds would make the card more appealing.

I think some of the directions for printing and formatting were hard to decipher so i think those could be more clear.

I can apply the knowledge i learned from the quick selection and magnetic lasso tool for the next assignment when i need to edit an image that has a background i do not desire.

The quote i put on the back of my card inspired me to do a valentines day card as i saw it just browsing the web one day. i thought it would be perfect for my card and used it as the back outside cover!


Lab 1 Blog Post

  1. We chose pixels in part one to see how changing the pixels would affect the canvas of the artboard.
  2. In step 12, the picture of the white canvas became increasingly zoomed in and covered the entire screen, due to the height and width dimensions in the lab.
  3. This image could be used as a demonstration of the “static” you seen on the screen of a television, in some ways they are very similar. Also, the apple image could be used as a marketing tool when in the sale of apples, such as a grocery store.
  4. Other ways of generating imagery from scratch could be merging colors together and framing them in the shape of something using a tool from the photoshop app.

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