Project 2

  1. From this project, i learned how to interact and change code using there Brackets application. I also learned how to export an image in Adobe illustrator and use it my resume website by manipulating the code.
  2. I think manipulating the code was pretty easy because all you had to do was delete the existing text and replace it with your own.
  3. The only difficulty I had was exporting the resume file and the style file without messing up my work.
  4. I think if I played around a bit more with the different styles and formats my submission would at least look a little better.
  5. I think this assignment was fairly straightforward, but maybe some clarification on how to export this work without it being replaced by the original sample resume you gave us in the folder.
  6. If I further learn how to format completely in the brackets app, i think this could help me in developing a website for a company i work for, or even for a resume, as we did.
  7. I wasn’t necessarily inspired by a reading or video, but i was inspired during the critique day by seeing everyone else’s websites and the different fonts/colors they used to make theirs look unique.

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