Project 1

From this project I learned how to use the type tool and have the type be wrapped around an image, so instead of the text going straight across from left to write, the text would be wrapped around an image, and in my case, a heart!

The easy part of this project was finding images to use for my project and manipulating them to fit in my artboards. i enjoyed using the quick selection tool as it made my job fairly easy.

It was challenging figuring out how to print out this card and have it formatted correctly so everything lined up. Adobe Acrobat was not working for me so i had to find out another way to print the project.

I think my submission could be improved by using more backgrounds to make the inside of the card more appealing, there is a lot of white space on the inside of the card, and i think using more backgrounds would make the card more appealing.

I think some of the directions for printing and formatting were hard to decipher so i think those could be more clear.

I can apply the knowledge i learned from the quick selection and magnetic lasso tool for the next assignment when i need to edit an image that has a background i do not desire.

The quote i put on the back of my card inspired me to do a valentines day card as i saw it just browsing the web one day. i thought it would be perfect for my card and used it as the back outside cover!


Lab 1 Blog Post

  1. We chose pixels in part one to see how changing the pixels would affect the canvas of the artboard.
  2. In step 12, the picture of the white canvas became increasingly zoomed in and covered the entire screen, due to the height and width dimensions in the lab.
  3. This image could be used as a demonstration of the “static” you seen on the screen of a television, in some ways they are very similar. Also, the apple image could be used as a marketing tool when in the sale of apples, such as a grocery store.
  4. Other ways of generating imagery from scratch could be merging colors together and framing them in the shape of something using a tool from the photoshop app.