Project 3: Louis Vuitton

What did you learn?

I learned how to manipulate Figma to alter pattern designs. There are many settings that can be applied to alter the overlaid images. I liked the idea of adding a subtle clock within the Louis Vuitton logo pattern to signify the metaphor that time is money. This allowed me to play around a lot with the shading of the pattern and create something unique.

What was easy?

This was a harder project because it required more individual creativity rather than following steps, but it was easy to think of color combos that could go well with each other. I love the look of light blue with complimentary colors so the red was a really cool pairing to me.

What was challenging?

I found it very challenging to figure out how to manipulate the layers to my design in order to convey what I was going for. I thought that I may have to go into every individual logo within the pattern and change the colors to fill in my clock outline. After playing around with the effects in Figma I was able to use saturation to darken the shade of LV logos within the clock and not affect the outside logos that were true red.

It was also challenging having such a great degree of freedom to think of a design and be creative using a metaphor as a concept. I had to follow a thought path and figure out an idea that would convey “time is money” and it led me to something that seems creatively exciting to me.

How could your submission be improved?

I think if I made the Louis Vuitton pattern smaller overall I could have had a more detailed clock design. More logos in the pattern would have allowed a greater resolution for the design. I also think I could have played around with the light effects on the logos, making some shiny or digitized/unfocused. Doing something like this would have made the design more intricate.

How could I improve the assignment for the next class?

I don’t really see any areas for improvement in terms of direction. I liked the creativity this assignment granted me, and it was fun to use my own unique concept and incorporate color into it. This assignment helped further my understanding of Figma and helped my creative confidence grow.

How might you apply your knowledge in future assignments or work scenarios?

I believe I will likely work in a creative field where I need to brainstorm design concepts and approve concepts from other people. This assignment helped me further my understanding of design and color coordination. I also am sure patterns will play a big role in many of our future assignments, and this assignment helped me learn how to manipulate patterns in Figma to a higher degree.