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Project 1 Review


Project 1: Greeting Card
  1. What did you learn?
  2. What was easy?
  3. What was challenging?
  4. How could your submission be improved?
  5. How could I improve the assignment for the next class?
  6. How might you apply your knowledge in future assignments or work scenarios?
  7. How did a specific reading or video inspire or help you?


Project 1: Greeting Card
  1. Throughout this project I became extremely familiar with Photoshop and the keyboard shortcuts on the application.
  2. It was easy to complete the typography section, it was simple to add text and get creative with the fonts and designs of the text.
  3. It was challenging to erase the background of the foreground image, I am a perfectionist, and trying to make the image have a very clean erase line was stressful.
  4. More detail on the inside or a more flowing theme would improve my submission.
  5. Show past examples when introducing the project.
  6. The use of erasing the backgrounds is a very important concept to know because it is a common and cool aspect to include in your design.
  7. For this project, I took the creativity from hearing of a family friend’s anniversary.