Project 4 – Elmwood Map

What did you learn?In this project, I learned a simple, effective way to make a map using Illustrator. The biggest thing I learned, though, was new uses for the pen tool, such as making roads. Originally the outliner had annoyed me, but with this project, I found it super useful, especially when making city roads. […]

Project 3

1. What did you learn?With this project, I learned more about making patterns in a 2D space, specifically with Adobe Illustrator. I wasn’t familiar with Illustrator before, so this was definitely a completely new experience. I also learned about the difference between bitmap graphics and vector graphics, something that I admittedly didn’t know much about […]

Project 2: Composting Imagery

1. What did you learn?I learned how to combine different aspects of different images into a single project. More specifically, I learned how to cut backgrounds out, leaving a “main” subject in the photo. 2. What was easy?Actually cutting out the subject from my photos was easy. We were given multiple methods in class. Of […]

Project 1: Portfolio – “Cats”

1. What did you learn? I learned how to better use Photoshop to make my photos appear more vibrant. Using the “curves” and “levels” adjustments in Photoshop wasn’t necessarily a new concept, but it was one that I initially didn’t have a good understanding of, and this lab definitely helped with bettering that understanding. 2. […]