Lab 1

  1. Compare your photo with the one with Unsplash. What are the differences? Why is one “better quality” than the other?
  2. Compare your photos with scans. What are the differences? Why is one “better quality” than the other?
  3. What could you do to improve the quality of the images acquired by each method?
  1. For this lab, I chose the picture of the beagle on the left from I took a picture of my dog, Toby, to replicate the original. With both photos side by side, it is evident that there are a few differences. In the “professional” photo, it is brighter and incorporates warm tones. It also seems to have been taken on a higher quality device compared to the picture taken on my IPhone. While my picture is not as bright and incorporates cool tones. If I were to chose one of these images to share on or social media, I would use the “professional” image simply because it seems to have better quality.

2. Here, I have one of my three scans: a picture of me and my great grandmother. I took a picture with my IPhone on the left while the right was scanned onto my computer. It is clear that the scanner altered some of the colors and lighting in the picture. For example, the Nike sweatshirt I am wearing is a bubblegum pink in the original (which is the correct color) while the scanner caused it to appear magenta. Through this, the lighting is also different. If you look at both my great grandmother and my faces, you can see that the original has more lighting and color. If I were to share this picture online, I would definitely use the original because it looks more natural and brighter than the scanned copy.

3. In regards to improving the quality of the images from each method, there are a few things I could do. In the picture of my dog, I could changed the setting — perhaps somewhere that has better lighting or where I could capture the picture at a better angle. Additionally, I could improve the quality of the picture by adjusting some of the settings such as: brightness, exposure, warmth, sharpness, definition, etc. In the old picture, I could try taking the picture in different ways: with flash, closer, or further away.