Project 3 This project taught me a lot about being creative and thinking outside of the box. I had to think of a clever metaphor and came to the metaphor “Time Is Love”. I thought about different love languages and decided to do the love language of spending time with someone. I placed a picture of… Continue reading Project 3

Project 4 I really enjoyed this project because it allowed me to get creative all while admiring the beauty behind Buffalo, NY. I like the background pictures being used as well as the two different font’s I learned about mixing font’s, but also choosing one’s that will get the attention from the audience that is being… Continue reading Project 4

Project 2

I learned a lot while completing this project including color schemes, colors that are complimentary and color’s that don’t work well together. I also learned a lot about using different shapes to create a whole image, going back to Gestalt Principles. I learned the theory of scale and if you want something to present like… Continue reading Project 2

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