Project 2

I learned a lot while completing this project including color schemes, colors that are complimentary and color’s that don’t work well together. I also learned a lot about using different shapes to create a whole image, going back to Gestalt Principles. I learned the theory of scale and if you want something to present like its further away you have to change the size.

A part of the project that I found to be very easy was coming up with idea’s for each scheme. The hard part was figuring out how I would be trying to accomplish each idea.

My submission could be improved by adding small details in some of the pictures. For example, the Arid Desert is sort of bland. Going back and including small details could really pull the piece together. I also could have done a greater job at widening the color schemes. Just because I was specific themes such as analogous does not mean I couldn’t have varied in ways such as saturation.

I could apply my knowledge of color theory in every day life. Making advertisements and trying to get the attention of an individual. Or making signs. I plan on decorating my house when I grow up and this taught me a lot about what mixes and what matches.