Project 3

This project taught me a lot about being creative and thinking outside of the box. I had to think of a clever metaphor and came to the metaphor “Time Is Love”. I thought about different love languages and decided to do the love language of spending time with someone.

I placed a picture of a heart on top of a watch to represent time is love. I really like the way that the heart fits onto the watch and found that to be the easiest part. It was also easy to put a pattern in the background.

As never taking a DMA class before I found it really challenging to photoshop and learn how to do that, but once I did it it felt like a weight lifted off of my shoulders.

I would probably change the symbols that I used if I were to do anything different about this project. I wasn’t sure what colors to use with each symbols but the heart and clock was key for the pattern.

I can use this information in my future to photoshop anything that I want to. I don’t find myself photoshoping a lot but now I know how to if I ever choose to do so.