dma214 project 5 reflection

I learned more insightful ways to use imagery and text together as a unit, changing the image’s saturation, colour, contrast, etc. in order to match it with my chosen text font. I also learned that by using grids, you do not always need to flatten images in order to make them fit accordingly. It was… Continue reading dma214 project 5 reflection

dma214 project 4 reflecion

Copy of DMA214 Syllabus Fall 2022 I learned the power of thirds in digital design and how to flatten words in order to change their shape in Figma. I also learned how to adjust the spacing between the actual lettering… don’t know how I didn’t know how to do that before! It was easy enough… Continue reading dma214 project 4 reflecion


Copy of DMA214 Syllabus Fall 2022 What did you learn? I learned how to combine photos using different sources. I usually only use photoshop for this, but in the demo, I learned, although a slightly longer process, how to do this in Figma as well. What was easy? It was easy to digitally draw my… Continue reading DMA214 PROJECT 3


What did you learn? in this project, I learned a lot of new aspects of prototyping in Figma. I learned how to create the opening and closing overlay, as well as the creation of nav links as a whole. I think this concept was new, so it was kind of difficult to perfect, but once… Continue reading DMA217 PROJECT 2

dma 214 project 2 reflection

Copy of DMA217 Fall 22 Syllabus What did you learn? I learned more about the colour wheel during this project. Especially about the specifics of tertiary colours. I also learned about the design aspects of foreground, middle ground, and background and their differences. What was easy? It was easy coming up with a design for… Continue reading dma 214 project 2 reflection

dma217 project 1 reflection

What did you learn? I learned more applications on Figma and I also became better with creating organic shapes and characters on Figma that I might have been too nervous to make before with my limited experience. What was easy? It was easy actually making my designs come to life like I wanted it. Again,… Continue reading dma217 project 1 reflection

[dma214] project 1 reflection

I chose Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as my nursing rhyme for this project. What did you learn? I learned more examples about gestalt principles and how to express them abstractly. What was easy? It was easy to create the actual nursery rhyme using Figma because I am already familiar with the software Figma due to… Continue reading [dma214] project 1 reflection