Project 2- COVID-19 app

This is a promo poster for the app with the QR code.

This is the landing page for the app. From here the app leads into the login/sign up process.
After login you are shown a loading page with a progress bar. This is when the loading is complete. From there you are sent to a welcome screen where you are asked to choose between “near me” and “anywhere”.
When selecting the “near me” option and allowing the app to access your location it will ask if the location they found is correct. This is the screen that shows if you select “no”.
Once the app has the correct location it will show museums near you. There is a search bar at the top and a dropdown menu of filters if you are looking for something more specific.
This is the landing page for a local art museum. The idea is that there is a basic template and that the museums themselves would be able to customize certain parts of the design to better match their own brand. Shown above is the basic template.
Here is a visual of the walkthrough tour.
If you click on pieces in the walkthrough tour you can zoom in for more information on the piece.




The synthesis of this idea was “what you miss most during quarantine?”. The thing that I really missed was visiting museums, so I wanted to create an app where you could tour through several different museums in one place and find information on them when things open back up. A big influence on how this app operates was Google Arts & Culture. The issue that I found with Google’s product is that they focus more on artwork than tours of the actual galleries. Also, there is a bigger emphasis on art, where history and science museums are just as prevalent. One thing that I could do better next time is adding more animations in Figma to enhance the prototype. I feel that I did a better job of focusing on the function of the app as well as the design than I did on the last project. I also like the more simplistic design of this project because minimalism is something that I struggle to execute. 


Lab 6

This app will be an all-in-one place for a quarantine sleepover. It will feature video calling, multiplayer party games, simultaneous video streaming, direct messaging, and diy instructions with a shop for supplies.

We help children/teenagers connect with their friends outside of school by providing them with an all-in-one space to interact with each other in.

Customer: young adults

Problem: hard to get to know each other and go on dates during a pandemic

Solution: one stop shop for cute quarantine friendly dates

For young adults who are in quarantine, our product is an app that allows you to connect with friends without getting them sick.

We solve the problems of college students being away from their family for longer periods of time by providing an app where they can do many different activities together, to help families connect despite the distance.


Project 1- CRM App

I learned a lot through this project about the actual creation of an app that looks good AND functions, which is more challenging than I initially expected. Through my research I found that since CRMs are more business focused the design of them are very plain and dull. I wanted to have more fun with it and be slightly more creative with everything. I struggled with trying to figure out exactly what a CRM did and the expected features of it that I should include. Due to my focus in graphic design, I think that my final product looks nice, but does not necessarily function as smoothly as it could. That being said, I feel that I did a good job of creating icons and buttons that were clearly labeled and recognizable as things that you could click. In the future I will try to focus more on creating a good flow between screens and mapping out the paths before I do the design work instead of trying to do both at the same time.


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