DMA 214 Project 3

In project 3 I learned new ways to cut backgrounds off images, and also how to easily make monogram type patterns. The easiest part was also the most tedious part, that being cutting the background off the image of the mic stand. The most challenging part of this project would have to be thinking of the metaphor that I would like to illustrate because while I could think of many metaphors many of them did not seem to work well in this form. If I could add anything else to my project I would probably add a gradient to the background and possibly a drop shadow to the mic and glass combination to add to its realness. I also think your teaching of this assignment was executed perfectly. The thing that I lessons use from this project in the future would have to be the pattern-making skill and the new background cutting techniques because I can see many different uses for these skills. Our call where we went over how to execute this idea was the most beneficial part of this project because it helped me create something that looks good.