Lab 3

Michael Terranova

What did you learn?

This assignment tough me many techniques used to manipulate images like removing backgrounds from images. We used different methods like the pen tool and lasso to go about removing backgrounds based on our images.

What was easy?

The easiest method for removing the backgrounds for me wad the magnetic lasso tool. This particular tool mostly did the work by itself to cut out the background, only needing a bit of fine tuning by me. IT was fast and simple to cut out the rose for this lab.

What was challenging?

The most challenging aspect of this lab was eliminating the background using the eraser tool. It was also tricky due to the image containing hair which was hard to cut around.

How could your submission be improved?

My submission could be improved with a better understanding of the tools and how to use them more detailed. The model cut out was very hard due to the hair so more time and tips would have been better for the future.

How could the professor improve the assignment?

During this lab the section of cutting out the model was challenging for me and left me working on it for a long period. during the demo it was done quickly and didn’t help me.

How might you apply your knowledge in future assignments or work scenarios?

This assignment will be extremity helpful for me in the future because removing background is a step that I will need in a lot of future projects and job scenarios.

How did a specific reading, video or others’ work inspire or help you?

The thing that helped me the most for this lab was the demo the professor did in class. It showed me clearly a lot of the steps used to make this lab.

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