Lab 2

Michael Terranova

What did you learn?

During this lab I learned how ti better understand photoshop and how to manipulate images. Making the images different colors and editing the image sizes for prints and other medias.

What was easy?

The easiest step of this lab was using the clone stamping tool to make the image look cleaner. Using this tool allowed me to remove scratches and dust from the scanners.

What was challenging?

The most challenging aspect of this lab was using the curves to change my image. This was a bit challenging because I was new to this aspect of photoshop and had trouble making my image look good with the curves.

How could your submission be improved?

My submission could be improved with a little more time and understanding of how to tune my image into what was excepted. The images came out good but not exactly the way I would have liked it.

How could the professor improve the assignment?

The assignment could be improved in small ways but it was very good. The professor was able to demo and show how these steps were done and helped to explain the assignment. the instructions posted were also detailed and helpful.

How might you apply your knowledge in future assignments or work scenarios?

I can uses the techniques used in the project in the future in many ways. These steps were basic that need to be learned to learn harder techniques. The steps taken also will help to make my images look nicer and cleaner for future assignments or work.

How did a specific reading, video or others’ work inspire or help you?

The demo showed by the professor during class was the most helpful. Watching someone else go through all the steps was very useful and helped me to understand the techniques.

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