Emotion Video

The emotion I chose for this video was sadness. The imagery in the video reflects this feeling because often the people in the frame are alone and the surroundings are colorless. Also the rain falling from the sky helped to add to the emotion and dark tones. The rain also helped to make the images look better through reflections and more movement. I liked most of the farming of my shots and the coloring of the video. One thing I didn’t like was the camera shake that was caused by my cold hands. The thing I had the most trouble with in this video was making the song is garage band. I had never attempted to create a song before and know little about music so it was challenging to start. For the video I used a Lumix G7 DSLR Camera with a 14-42 lens. One tip that helped me in this video was using movement. Trying to add camera movement and also subject movement helped to make the show more interesting.

Michael Terranova

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