Project 1

  • What did you learn?

During this project I learned how to edit and create images for a variety of uses. I was able to learn how to edit he images to look better and touch them up. Also I learned to change the images quality and use it for print or screen.

  • What was easy?

The easiest process during this project was getting the images and then touching them up. Taking the photos were interesting and fun and then bringing them into the computer to edit. During the edit I found it easy to change the image with saturation and contrast tolls.

  • What was challenging?

the most challenging aspect of this project was doing the framing for the final project. Editing the frames and getting them all to be the same size to flow seamlessly was challenging for me but was a nice touch when looking at the project as a whole.

  • How could your submission be improved?

My submission could be improved with better images and also images that are more related. Many of these images are related but some don’t work well to create a whole feel for the viewers of the project as a whole.

  • How could the professor improve the assignment?

The professor could improve this assignment in a small way but it was very well done, the critique day was very helpful and work time was given to help. The project was a little challenging for me as there was a lot of new techniques used and I felt very slow compared to the rest of the group.

  • How might you apply your knowledge in future assignments or work scenarios?

The knowledge learned in the project will help me in future scenarios because these techniques are very useful in editing and carting images. The techniques are also foundations for learning new techniques and making new images.

  • How did a specific reading, video or others’ work inspire or help you?

The critique in class was very helpful and seeing what other have created.

Michael Terranova

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