Lab #1

Typography in the Wild

The type that I chose for this lab was the logo for the railroad company CSX transportation. I have never really seen something quite like it anywhere else. I find the text to be very large and blocky. Unlike other companies who tried to go for a more sleek and modern design, CSX went for something very simple.

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LAB #1

Sample Photo from Unsplash
Original Photo
3D Object
Original Drawing

If I were to compare my original photo to the one from Unsplash, I would say that mine is better for a few reasons. While they both have this sense of motion, I would say the lighting and angle of the photograph is significantly better. I always find that roster shots versus a head on angle shot tend to turn out better, especially with capturing this sort of motion effect. As for the other photos, I would say that scans would turn out much better, mostly for the fact that the lighting as well as cropping can be used to enhance the image, as well as it can create a photo based on the image when its completely flat, to make sure you get as much detail as possible, without outside forces.


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