Twinkle Twinkle By: Brandon Scott

Twinkle Twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are
Up above a world so high
Like a diamond in the sky
Twinkle Twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are

During this project I was able to learn a lot about visual perception and how to reflect illustrated principles in design. For each principle I was able to learn how to present each in different frames using the form of shapes. I also learned throughout this project how the “gestalt principles describes how the mind organizes visual data.”

I am a visual person so creating the shapes and finding ways to represent what was being said in the nursery rhyme was very easy. It was also easy to use the principles because I can understand what each principle means and how they can be shown in the illustration. For example in the second frame “How I wonder what you are” I used the moon as the I that is wondering while having the star be the focal point of what object is being wondered about. In the third frame “Up above a world so high” I made the star look like it was shooting up away from the earth and the other stars by using lines as a representation of upward motion. In the last slide, I used the twinkling star as the focal point in the thought bubble and I used continuous stairs leading back to the moon in the representation of the small bubbles that are underneath thought bubbles coming from the thing that is thinking (the moon).

The challenging part was the process, I had to redo my project because my safari had crashed and my progress wasn’t saved after I had to force close it. It was challenging because I had to recreate my ideas knowing they weren’t going to be exactly like my original. But on the good side, I was able to learn from my mistake of not making sure everything is being saved as I work and I got extra practice in the software.

This project was very fun and interesting and I don’t think anything could have been improved with the assignment. On my end however I could’ve improved my submission if I knew more creative ways to represent the nursery rhyme with primitive shapes.

“Gestalt Principle Applied in Design” and “Design Principles:Visual Perception and Principle of Gestalt” were the two sources I used for inspiration during this project. It allowed me to understand the meanings and representations of the Gestalt Principles. I will apply my knowledge in future assignments or work scenarios by keeping in mind the Rule of Thirds, Layout crimes and the basis of what Gestalt Principles are.