Project 3: Package design

1.) I learned how to create a background texture and apply it to the package design, as well as assemble the design for a milk carton from the layout to the assembly of the carton

2.) The easiest part was tracing over the original image and adding the parts that makeup the carton because of the layout that was given.

3.) The challenging part was trying to get the lettering of the logo to look a little cleaner and create a sense of depth from the overlay. It was also pretty challenging drawing the coffee mugs.

4.) My submission couldve improved if I wouldve used the pen and tablet to draw the coffee mugs.

5.) The assignment doesnt need to be improved

6.) I feel confident enough to create my own carton or packaging of some sort and I plan on using the knowledge I got from this project to do just that one of these days.

7.) The project demo helped a lot in terms of understanding what to do


Project 2: Image Compositing

1.) During this project I learned how to combine different images, apply layer masks to transform them, and remove their backgrounds to make a type of collage.

2.) The easy part was selecting the photos that I wanted to use, I chose to go with the things I use on the weekends, it was also easy placing the images together into one layer.

3.) The challenging part was trying to incorporate the background textures into the image, underneath the texture layer of the carpet I have a filtered layer so I placed some of it around certain items but on the controller fill I tried to create a form of texture within in as it sits ontop the carpet.

4.) My Submission could be improved if the cut out of the controller was filled with the filters layer background.

5.) I can apply the knowledge I got from this project to complete other assignments in photoshop as well as possibly create another collage of my own or for someone else.

6.) I was inspired a lot by Erick Johnson’s surreal photography