Project 1 : Portfolio

Scott Blog Post


1.) During this project I was able to learn how to take an original image and turn it into a thumbnail and put it on the web. I also learned how to clean the images up using the techniques we learned in the previous labs.

2.) The easy part of this assignment was choosing the theme that I wanted to go with. I chose music because I listen to it everyday and I have a passion for it.

3.) The challenging part was resizing the images the correct way and setting up the indesign print. And also uploading the original images onto the comdma site.

4.) My submission could’ve been improved if I turned it in to the dropbox earlier to get feedback to receive help on what was challenging, which I will start doing moving forward.

5.) I will apply this knowledge for future endeavors if I was to create a project I can present the images and pictures on a website that anyone can access with the link.