DMA 201 – Project 3 – Game Design

I learned the basics of Unity and how to make a quick game. Specifically, I made a maze game where the goal is to get a coin at the end of a maze.

This project wasn’t too bad. After finally figuring out where everything was, it was easy to set up the maze and the coin.

I could have improved the project by adding more details or being more precise on the placing of things and painting of textures. This would have taken longer but seeing as this was supposed to be just a simple project, it didn’t seem too necessary. If I were to continue, I would definitely make the game more fun by adding some kind of enemy or enemies to chase the player, punishing them for hitting a dead end.

I don’t think the project can be improved unless more time was given for a larger project. Adding an enemy would make the game more fun to play and build while in class.

If I ever wanted to try game design, I would definitely use this after. I enjoy video games immensely and the idea of making video games has been a dream of mine. Perhaps I can mess around with it in the future and see what happens.

When thinking of how to improve this game, I thought about adding an enemy to chase the player. With other tweaks, this could make the game into a horror game. This would be a lot more fun to build and play, both for the builder and people around them. They could show off the game to other people and have fun watching other people play the game, as the “All We Want to Do Is Watch each Other Play Video Games” article talks about. If the project was improved, then this would play into this article.

DMA 201 – Project 2

In this project, I used HTML and CSS to create a resume web-page. However, I didn’t really learn much just because I already knew a large amount of HTML and CSS from previous Computer Science classes. I did learn to use Adobe Illustrator to create my monogram.

I found the project easy because I already knew how to code using HTML and CSS. Creating the monogram was not too hard either after sketching a few of my ideas.

I could have improved my web-page by changing the layout of it even more than I did. I liked the simplicity and look of my resume, but it could be better.

The project could be improved by changing the purpose of the web-page into something other than a resume. It also could be improved by giving less in the template so people have to play around with the code more instead of just filling in a template.

I plan on using HTML and CSS in the future as I want to be in web development or software development.

I was inspired by “The Cult of the Complex” article for my web-site. I believe in keeping things simple and clean for the everyday person to use. I also believe HTML and CSS is not that difficult as the article says.

DMA 201 – Project 1

I learned the basics of Photoshop and how to apply those skills to make a card. Specifically, I learned about layer masks and using fonts from other places like Adobe Font and Google Font.

I found the majority of the project easy. However, for myself anyways, I struggled to find photos that were good quality or didn’t have watermarks on them. This was solved by using some of the websites for stock images that my professor provided.

I could have improved the cut and fold of the card. While it wasn’t too bad, there is some slight white paper left over on the top of the back side. This was caused by a fold that was slightly off. It isn’t too noticeable, but it still could be better.

I don’t think the project could be improved since we were allowed to do a different kind of card if we wanted to.

I could use Photoshop in the future as a computer science major when dealing with making a website. I could make my own graphics in Photoshop if I was helping in creating a website for someone.

I was inspired by a number of websites and articles. One of these was Jerry Uelsmann. I was inspired by the spookier images that were on the front page of his website. I decided to use this for the front and back of the card with darker images. I then contrasted this with a fun interior for the card.