Project 2: The Mask

I have always loved Jim Carrey and the way he really gets into the character. Every character he has ever played has always had a mischievous personality or playful comedic personality. For this project I decided to take that idea and use it in the film The Mask which Jim Carrey stars in. Every time […]

Hunting for Typography: Lab 1

Hunting for type styles is not easy to do. You have to be very aware of your surroundings. I did not know that Target, a store I frequently go, used Helvetica type style. I have never even heard of this font type until last week. And then I find out my favorite store which I […]

Project 2: Making a Better Netflix

For my final project of the semester I came up with the idea to have a Netflix recreation where you have a friends list and can see what your friends might be watching as well. The app is called Clique playing of the sound when you click a mouse and also a group of people. […]

Project 3: Its a Metaphor

For this project I wanted to take a well known saying and make it realistic. I think that it came out really well. There are definitely things I can update on it. Like making the resolution of the picture much better and adding cat ears. One challenge I faced while making this metaphor come to […]

Project One: The CRM

For my first project of the semester I focused a lot on making the design very consistent with the colors and typography. For the overall app and its functions its a very basic user interface. I did not know what to create specifically I just wanted to get the basic idea down on how CRM […]

Project 2

During project 2 I learned a lot about colors, blending them together and why some colors do not go with others. The easiest part about this project was probably blending the colors together. When I figured out how to blend the colors together and how to saturate and de-saturate colors the shapes came together. The […]

Project 1: Twinkling Stars

For project one I learned about Gestalt theory. Which is basically seeing objects in there simplest form but in different ways. There are six principles for this theory which are; similarity, continuation, closure, proximity, figure ground and repetition. This was not an easy thing to do with a nurse rhyme. It was six lines but it […]

Lab Zero

It looks way cooler if you write out the word zero What did you learn? How to use shape tools on different programs What was easy? What was easy was creating the pieces. What was challenging? Trying to upload my file to wordpress. It is still a bit difficult, but with time I think that […]

Project 4: The Endgame

We are here. We have reached the endgame. So sad 🙁 During this project I learned that being a kid is so easy. I remember doing something similar to this in kindergarten and how easy it was to just draw freely and remember every place in your area by heart. This project had to be […]

Project Three: Elmhurst Milk

Okay first I just want to say how much Elmhurst Milk ads I have been seeing since starting this project. I went on the website one time and now every YouTube video I watch has an Elmhurst Milk ad. Anyways, while doing this project I found it not challenging at all. With the labs as […]