Project 3: The Finale

It is the last project. The last project of my college career. It was a nice ride and I enjoyed doing and creating some many works, from 2D graphics to videography. I enjoyed everything I created and every criticism I received from my professors and peers. For the last project I think that my two […]

Project 1: Welcome to Miko’s

I am glad the first project was to create a menu. It was the perfect entry to print design. During the first project I learned about character styles. I will probably never get the hang of that at all. Even from last semester I still couldn’t get a hang of paragraph styles and character styles. […]

Project 3: Times New Roman

For project 3 I explored the history of one of the most famous typefaces in history. Times New Roman was created by Stanley Morison. He did not know how to read or write for a long time before he realized that he like typefaces and wanted to create his own. What was easy about this […]

The Finale: Project 4

It is now the end of the fall semester. Again. This definitely will not be the last time I post on this blog because I got one more semester before I graduate from Canisius. This final project was a roll over from the the third project. During the project I learned how to put the […]

Project 2: The Mask

I have always loved Jim Carrey and the way he really gets into the character. Every character he has ever played has always had a mischievous personality or playful comedic personality. For this project I decided to take that idea and use it in the film The Mask which Jim Carrey stars in. Every time […]

Hunting for Typography: Lab 1

Hunting for type styles is not easy to do. You have to be very aware of your surroundings. I did not know that Target, a store I frequently go, used Helvetica type style. I have never even heard of this font type until last week. And then I find out my favorite store which I […]

Project 2: Making a Better Netflix

For my final project of the semester I came up with the idea to have a Netflix recreation where you have a friends list and can see what your friends might be watching as well. The app is called Clique playing of the sound when you click a mouse and also a group of people. […]

Project 3: Its a Metaphor

For this project I wanted to take a well known saying and make it realistic. I think that it came out really well. There are definitely things I can update on it. Like making the resolution of the picture much better and adding cat ears. One challenge I faced while making this metaphor come to […]

Project One: The CRM

For my first project of the semester I focused a lot on making the design very consistent with the colors and typography. For the overall app and its functions its a very basic user interface. I did not know what to create specifically I just wanted to get the basic idea down on how CRM […]