Project 4: The Endgame

We are here. We have reached the endgame. So sad 🙁 During this project I learned that being a kid is so easy. I remember doing something similar to this in kindergarten and how easy it was to just draw freely and remember every place in your area by heart. This project had to be […]

Project Three: Elmhurst Milk

Okay first I just want to say how much Elmhurst Milk ads I have been seeing since starting this project. I went on the website one time and now every YouTube video I watch has an Elmhurst Milk ad. Anyways, while doing this project I found it not challenging at all. With the labs as […]

Lab 5: Using The Pen Tool

I am actually glad we did a lesson on the pen tool because I have had trouble using it and decided I did not like it because i didn’t understand it. Learning the basic key commands for this exercise and then putting them to use helped me out a lot. As I progressed you can […]

Lab 2: Retouching Photos

When retouching this image I did not understand the purpose of retouching because I try taking photos that are perfect in my eyes. As I was retouching these photos I used the adjustment layers to adjust the light levels of the photo and give the photo a more vibrant and clear look. The easiest part […]

Lab 1: Acquiring Images

When this lab was assigned I was extremely excited about it because I love photos. I take photos all the time and have gotten really good at it. Everything was easy because of basic camera knowledge I already have and a special thanks to technology. I did find myself relearning and learning some new techniques […]


Its sad to say that my time in the Intro to Digital Media Arts course has come to an end. I had a lot of fun in this course and looked forward to it every Tuesday and Thursday. It didn’t even matter that the class was at 8:30 in the morning. But all good things […]

Project 3: Making A Game!

For my third project I got introduced to the Unity software and boy was that a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I do not have any photos for this blog post. The task given was to make a maze game where the character will run through until they find a pink sparkly coin. At first I […]

Project 2: Resume

At first it was hard to get started with Project 2 because my public html folder wouldn’t show up. Once I got help with finding out how to find it with a classmate I was pretty much set.  Brackets wasn’t hard for me to understand because of my prior knowledge with python and coding from […]

Project One: The Halloween Card

September 19th 2019 I finally finished it! My Halloween card is finally complete and I am super excited about the way it came out. Learning how to create this card was a fun and difficult process. There was a lot for me to learn and I felt that I didn’t have enough time. I learned […]