September 19th, 2019

A Reflection On My Work For Project One

Project one asked me to design a Halloween card

Throughout this project, I’ve learned how to better blend fonts and images to a background. I’ve also learned how to manipulate images to Loog certain ways using effects, overlays, and other means. I’ve also learned how to use artboards, and how beneficial they can be to a project.

I found the majority of the project easy, but time-consuming. I did learn more about some of the tools more in-depth. The project itself was easy and left me with a lot of creative freedom.

Although I found a lot of the project easy, there were some challenging parts. Making effects consistent throughout the whole image was a bit tough. Also trying to make someone some of the effects less harsh against other images without just turning the opacity down. I also found fonts following a path to be a bit challenging.

I could improve my submission by making the effects I applied to some of the fonts more consistent. Also, I could improve the paths my fonts are set on.

I was happy with the assignment altogether. I think it left us with a lot of creative freedom while still leaving us to complete the assignment in a uniform manner. So I won’t want to improve the assignment at all.

I will use the knowledge I gained in this project to alter and edit projects in the future. All the requirements of this project made me use the essential tools for any project in photoshop. So I will use these tools consistently in areas of work that require me to use the program.

My inspiration came from just the spooky aspect of the original Halloween atmosphere. I took the contrast of a scary object ( puppy heads) and altered it to be more spooky. I did this by giving the puppies hats and edited it to look like they are ghosts. I also included a graphic on the inside page to make it look like the puppies drew a message, adding to the oddly cute and pleasant theme while still keeping it spooky. I also based the font on the inside of my project on the signature font from the movie Shrek, typically seen as a spooky movie with all the monsters and such.

Overall, this project was fun to do and insightful on what tools I could use more practice on.