December 5th, 2019

A Reflection on My Work For the Final Project of the Fall

Our final project required us to create a film that portrays an emotion of our choosing

For my project I decided to do the emotion or feeling of anxiety. At first I thought about doing a lot of quick and short shots of maybe someone running or being pursued. I decided to change this when I created my sound track.

I created and put together my sound track first. I wanted my soundtrack to have a calming and slow start which would slowly build up over time. This was also my idea which I wanted to display in my video as well.

The first half of my video contains calming and simple clips of everyday life or nature. Throughout the beginning of the first half I used the elevator floor display as a count down to the build up.

When the build up did come I used short and quick videos to represent this overwhelming feeling. I shot clips where its subject was moving quickly or in an unpredictable manner.

My final shot as well as the end of my soundtrack represents that kind of alleviation from the anxiousness through the video.

I chose anxiousness because I thought it would be a fun video to use a lot of quick cuts and slow transitions during the editing stages. I also thought I could make the soundtrack a story itself.

I enjoyed the places this project took me. I got to get into nature more and looked at the world through a new lens. I was constantly looking at movement and what I could film. I also enjoyed making the soundtrack. It was very enjoyable and interesting to portray an emotion through a soundtrack.

I did find this project challenging though. I found myself needing more clips than I originally shot. I kept returning with my camera to keep shooting more and more footage. I also tried to make my film flow. Finding the flow from clip to clip that also follows the soundtrack was a bit difficult.

My inspiration came from many quick scenes in movies or other short films. When you see chase scenes or fight sequences the shots are shaky and move quickly. Some of the clips even feel disorienting. I tried to use that method in my film.

Overall I liked this project. I did take a lot of trial and error to complete but I like the result. I’m glad I gained this skill to use in the future. Using Premiere Pro showed me It’s easy to make video and has maybe even encouraged me to make more videos outside of class.

The link to my video: