October 10, 2019

A Reflection On My Work In Project 2

Project 2 asked us to edit a website template. We were asked to edit the website to make it our personal resume, complete with our custom logo and new fonts and colors

In this project, I edited the given template to feature my information and logo. I learned to code a bit more in HTML in order to design and customize my resume website. I also learned how to insert a custom logo and images onto my website.

I found the majority of the project easy. I’ve had prior knowledge in HTML so I understood how the formatting worked in the code. HTML formatting in general is quite easy to me. I found the user interface of brackets easy to use as well and easy to understand. I could implement and view a preview of my site easily.

I found at some points the code wouldn’t work, which is due to my input being incorrect or incomplete. This was challenging to deal with at some points. I also found adjusting some of the fonts and colors challenging due to the assignments in the original template.

I believe I could improve my submission by including more information about myself. I was uncertain what would be appreciate to add to my submission. After seeing other submissions, I believe I could add more of my skills or experiences into my resume, which I plan to do.

I believe the assignment itself was easy to do and understand. I think with no prior knowledge to HTML, I could’ve been a bit more confused. I believe a lot of the project requires us to teach ourselves how to format in HTML. which I have no problem with. I believe HTML is easy to learn and understand. I also recognize that this is not a programming class.

This knowledge will most definitely be used int he future. I will probably find myself making websites for my work in the future. I will probably end up editing this file for my actual resume. I use HTML formatting a lot especially when formatting and creating websites. So this knowledge will be used in the future most definitely.

My inspiration for my design came from other monograms used by celebrities. Many companies or celebrities themselves make their monograms into some sort of picture. And as seen in my last blog post, My monogram is described as a picture as well.

Here is a link to my resume: