September 26th, 2019

A Reflection On My Work In Lab 4

Lab 4 asked us to create a monogram of our initials and create a business card with it

In this lab, the objective is create a monogram of our initials that fit together well, and use it on a business card. For my monogram, I used a blocky font. I found that my initials could fit together, but not in a way the letters would be distinct.

During the time I spent in this lab, I learned how I can use different fonts to create pictures. I created a picture as my monogram using fonts and circles. I also incorporated the invisible square into my monogram as well.

I did find this lab easy. I had a dun time exploring different fonts and how those fonts can blend together to create an artistic monogram.

Although I found this lab easy, creating a new way to incorporate my initials into a picture, and make each letter distinct was a bit challenging. Each letter shared a straight line but it was challenging to represent each letter and still blend them together as well.

I believe my submission could improve if I changed the fonts of my name and other details on my business card. Everything seemed very blocky and I tried to break that up with thinner fonts, but I believe I could’ve improved.

I can apply this knowledge to my job in the future. This may be a creative way to make my business cards in the future. To create a unique and distinct looking monogram to get your name and occupation out there is very important. And, creating a monogram is a greta way to set yourself apart.

I took my inspiration from the group and in class discussion. We looked up famous or well known monograms. I noticed how they all were incorporated into some kind of symbol or picture. So my monogram, looks like a person. So I used my initials to make a picture.