Project 4 Reflection

What did you learn? For the final project of the class, I feel that my largest takeaways were the banner process and creating typography in the form of titles, as well as organizing the space of a location in an aesthetically sound way. The text, first of all, was created with attention to what fonts… Continue reading Project 4 Reflection

Project 3 Reflection

What did you learn? Throughout the project’s creation, I learned how to utilize negative space for logo design. Specifically, I was able to get a logo made with the pen tool to create the shape of a cow’s head and face, then I made a path for a bottle-shaped space and used the subtract function… Continue reading Project 3 Reflection

Project 2 Reflection

What did you learn? During project 2, I learned a couple of new techniques for image compositing that I was not familiar with prior. For instance, the marquee selection and “blowing up” of a piece of an image is a great way to get an abstract-looking background, or to pull colors from the image you… Continue reading Project 2 Reflection

Project 1 Reflection

What did you learn? Throughout the duration of my project and curating the portfolio with photos that all had a deliberate theme, I learned a lot about editing styles that bring together otherwise unrelated images. The focal point for my project was my passion for music, but I wanted to show different stages of, perhaps,… Continue reading Project 1 Reflection

Lab 1 Reflection

Compare your photo with the one from Unsplash. What are the differences? Why is one “better quality” than the other? The photo I took was of a snow tree branch, similar to the subject in my Unsplash photo. Some differences in these photos come down to the quality of my phone camera, which is worse… Continue reading Lab 1 Reflection