Stamp Project

I learned how to image trace on illustrator and how to make text fill different shapes. I think sketching out the ideas for the project was easy. I think figuring out how to make my sketches into an actual illustration file was challenging. I think I could have spent more time on the font and […]

Project 3: Lasso

In this project, you have to create a visual metaphor that combines two images in a unique and surprising way. I really never used Photoshop before, so it was hard for me to learn everything needed to complete the project. I did learn how to use the magnetic lasso and how to create layers, which […]

Project 2: Color

In this project, you have to make four pictures using different coloring techniques. I learned different ways color combines and offsets each other. I also learned how to use Figma’s color tools more fully, to help better design and color my projects in the future. I think the easiest part of this project was sketching […]

Project 1 Blog

My project was doing 6 sketches of a nursery rhyme using only simple shapes and black and white colors. I chose Jack and Jill as my nursery rhyme because I already had ideas of what to sketch for each line. I learned different techniques to better my sketches including continuation and similarity. I found it […]