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  • Project 4: Typography

    Typography Nursery Rhyme Bella Leiker Overview Project 4 was a fun one. Different from what we have been applying before, we were able to utilize words and typography. I decided to use the same nursery rhyme as I had used for my first design project, “Jack and Jill.” Typography, as a crucial element of visual…

  • Project 3: Image

    “Beauty is Pain“ Bella Leiker Overview Project 3 sparked my curiosity and frustration, especially when I have been navigating unfamiliar territories like Photoshop and Figma. I had to not only explore these powerful design tools, but also find a creative visual metaphor to convey my intended message effectively. I chose the metaphor, “beauty is pain,”…

  • Project 2: Colors

    by Bella Leiker Landscapes Using Color Schemes

  • Project 1: Gestalt Principles

    by Bella Leiker Jack and Jill Nursery Rhyme Frame 1: Common fate, only one of the lines exit off the page whereas the rest come from the left and look as if they will exit on the right. The focal point is the intro to Jack and Jill. All of the lines look like they…

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