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    Magazine PDF Project 4: Make a magazine for Quadrangle using InDesign. Adobe fonts used: images used from un-splash. and some transparent shapes I found are on Google 

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    SERIF FONTS As you can see these are all serif fonts because they all have serifs. CELTIC FONTS As you can see these are Celtic style fonts because there is multiple decorative elements and ornaments. SCRIPT FONTS As you can see these are script fonts because they look like they were handwritten. SAN-SERIF FONT These…

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    This is the font I created using

  • Lab 1- Typography

    Mo Radeka Almost done with college Get in Touch

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    DMA 370 Music Player App Prototype 1. What did you learn? In this assignment I learned how to make a better organized app. If you start off with a master page it makes the rest of the pages easier to adjust when you need to fix it. 2. What was easy? The easy aspect…

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